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Partnership agreement with Chess Openings 24/7

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The ACP is proud to anounce that a partnership agreement with a professional Chess Openings 24/7 service has been reached.

If you look for a day by day opening advice from the top theoreticians, the Chess Openings 24/7 is strongly recommended.

Anti-Cheating Committee has been formed

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The ACP is glad to announce that the Anti-Cheating Committe has been formed. It consists of 5 representatives of the ACP and 5 representatives of FIDE:
ACP Representatives:
IA Laurent Freyd
IO Yuri Garrett
GM/FST Miguel Illescas
GM/FST Konstantin Landa
IM Kenneth Regan

FIDE Representatives:
IA Klaus Deventer
FM/IA/IO/FST Israel Gelfer
Michalis Kaloumenos
IM/IO George Mastrokoukos
FM/IA Shaun Press


Open letter from GM Dejan Bojkov on cheating

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Dear all,

due to the increased level of fraud and suspicions of cheating of lately in chess. I would like to to present you an idea of how to deal with the problem.

The idea for anti-cheating commission is fairly simple.
You know that in all sports there are is the so-called doping police. In chess, the main doping is the use of chess engines during the game.
ACP can create a squad, which will receive signals of possible cheating. The players under suspicion can be checked by the doping police randomly and without any hint of what is going to happen.

Results Tournament of the Year 2012

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The ACP is glad to announce the results of the Tournament of the Year 2012 contest. All ACP members could vote for their favorite tournaments, having a choice out of 26 selected events of different formats. Voting for the best tournament of the year, the ACP members have shown their appreciation for the hard work done by the organizers. A total number of 769 votes were casted. The results are:

ACP Tournament of the Year 2012 Tata Steel Chess, Wijk aan Zee

Open letter to FIDE on anti-cheating

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Dear Chess Friends,
We would like to inform you, that following the open letter signed by more than 700 active players from all over the world, the ACP sent a letter to FIDE proposing to establish a joint FIDE-ACP Anti-Cheating Commission, in order to enable the most efficient working procedure.

ACP Newsletter - March 2013

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Dear ACP members,

ACP General Assembly 2012 - minutes

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ACP General Assembly 2012 - minutes

1. The ACP General Assembly 2012 took place on the ACP website from the 21st to the 28th of December.

2. The ACP President Emil Sutovsky presented his annual report.

ACP President's annual report 2012

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Dear colleagues,

The first year of the newly elected ACP Board is behind us. There were many achievements, but there is still so much to do in order to improve the situation in the professional chess world.

We are proud of the three major events we have organized in 2012 - ACP Women Cup in Tbilisi, Women's World Rapid and Blitz Championships in Batumi and the ACP Golden Classic in Amsterdam all were a great success, but of course, that is just a beginning.

ACP General Assembly 2012 - final announcement

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Dear ACP members,

The ACP General Assembly 2012 is taking place on the ACP official website

All members registered in the Association before the end of 2011 have the right to take part in votes.
The last day to vote is 28 December 2012.

Final Agenda:

I. ACP President's annual report


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