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The ACP Board

The main governing body of the Association of Chess Professionals is the annual General Assembly, who elects the ACP Board. The ACP Board coordinates the ACP activities between the meetings of the General Assembly. All active members of the ACP have the right to be elected and to vote for the candidates to the  ACP Board. Members of the Board are in constant contact with each other using all possible means of communications and discuss most matters in writing. However, a live Board Meeting is also convened whenever required (generally on a monthly basis).

The ACP Board:

Emil Sutovsky - (ACP President)
Aleksandar Colovic - (ACP General Secretary)
Pavel Tregubov - (ACP Treasurer and ACP Tour Director)
Yuri Garrett (ACP Chairman) -
Jeroen van den Berg -
Abhijit P.Kunte -
Anastasia Savina -
Aleksandra Dimitrijevic


ACP President

Emil Sutovsky — International Grandmaster

Born 1977, based in Holon, Israel. Sutovsky has been an active top chess player for many years now. In January 2012 he reached the highest ranking of his career of 2708. His highest position in the rankings was 17th in the world. Emil Sutovsky is the 2001 European Champion as well as a winner and a prizewinner of more than 100 international tournaments. Among his most significant titles there can be listed: World Champion Under-20 (1996), the best overall result at the European Team Championship (2003), winner of the strongest open tournament in the history (Aeroflot 2005, inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records) and the best overall result at the 2010 Olympics. Participant in three knock-out World Championships (1997, 2000, 2001) and four FIDE World Cups (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011). Emil Sutovsky played for the Israeli team in seven World Chess Olympiads from 1996 to 2010. In the 2010 he won the Olympic gold medal, achieving the best result in the history of Chess Olympiads (TPR - 2895). Sutovsky is considered one of the most creative players of our time because of his vibrant uncompromising play style. After winning the European Championship in 2001 Sutovsky temporarily withdrew from the academic study of economics and management, focusing on his chess career. In 2007 Emil became the manager of the World Cup winner Gata Kamsky and got deeply involved in chess management. Since 2009, Emil is a member of the FIDE World Championships and Olympiads Commission.

Emil has an extensive experience in participating at television and radio programs, is the author of over a hundred publications on the topic of chess in the specialized and mainstream media. He speaks five languages. Besides chess, Sutovsky is serious about trivia games (participated in many trivia tournaments and TV programs) and classical singing (bass baritone). Emil Sutovsky is a member of the ACP Board since 2008. As of 1 January 2012 he is the ACP President.

ACP Chairman

 Yuri Garrett — International Organizer

Born in 1969 in Rome, based in Bologna. FIDE International Organizer and award winner chess author, publisher and manager, Yuri Garrett holds a degree in Italian language and culture and worked for many years as professional translator, also at EU level. He acted for almost a decade as Head of International Affairs of one of the two official Italian accountancy bodies, holding seats at both IFAC and FEE committees, and later cooperated with a major Italian law firm specializing in international company law. As of 2002 he is CEO at Caissa Italia, the leading Italian chess publishing company, and has organized or directed over 40 international tournaments among which the world renown Reggio Emilia round robin, the Rocca di Papa rapid, the Porto Mannu Open, the ACP Golden Classic and the Bergamo Open. He is a regular contributor to chess magazines such as Torre & Cavallo and Europe Echecs. Yuri has acted, among other things, as manager for GMs Caruana, Vocaturo, Brunello and Rombaldoni and speaks four languages. Among his other interests there are music, reading, movies, sports and, as you would expect from an Italian, wine and food! As of 2013 he is deeply involved in fighting cheating in chess and in 2014 became the Secretary of the Fide Anti-Cheating Committee, a post he still holds.

ACP General Secretary

Aleksandar Colovic – International Grandmaster

Born in 1976 and based in Skopje, Macedonia. Alex has been active on the chess circuit since 1996 and has won several strong open tournaments. At the European Club Cup 2015 in Skopje he had the best result on board 4 with 5.5/7. A regular member of the Macedonian national team since 2007, he holds the title of Grandmaster since 2013. Alex has a degree in English Language and Literature and is an authorised translator. He speaks fluently 7 languages: Macedonian, Bulgarian, Serbian, English, Russian, Spanish and Italian. Alex is a firm believer in the idea of promoting chess and has been involved in several projects to bring chess to schools. He is a regular contributor to Chess Informator. Alex is author and founder of Macedonia’s First Chess Blog ( A concerned environmentalist, he is on the supervisory board of the national environmental NGO Eko-svest (Eco-sense).


ACP Treasurer

 Pavel Tregubov — International Grandmaster

Born 1971, based in Paris. Grandmaster since 1994. European Champion 2000, Russian Team Championship Winner 1999, three times French Team Championship winner, winner of the “Pivdenny Cup 2008”.  One of the original founders of the ACP in 2003 and creator of the ACP Tour, Pavel has been in the ACP Board ever since. He was also ACP President and Board Director at different times. Currently he is the ACP Tour Director. His activities also included the organization of the four ACP World Rapid Cups in Odessa (Ukraine) and the ACP World Women Rapid Cup in Konya (Turkey) in 2008.  Pavel speaks three languages and plays actively tennis and football. His main hobbies are literature and movies.


Jeroen van den Berg — International Organizer

Born 1962, based in Amsterdam. Jeroen van den Berg has been active as a chess organizer for many years. He started his organizing work as a board boy in 1984 in the press service team of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee (then called ‘Hoogovens Schaaktoernooi’). Later he combined his chess communication work with several journalistic activities, mainly focused on chess and sports, but also on music. Jeroen worked for many international events and visited various chess tournaments all over the world. He speaks four languages.

In 1992 he started his own chess organization bureau, called CC&O (Chess Communication and Organization). Seven years later he was asked to become Tournament Director of the famous Corus Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee. In January 2013 he will be working for this traditional tournament for exactly 30 consecutive years.

Besides that, Jeroen has been serving for 16 years and running as Tournament Director of the second biggest tournament in the Netherlands, the Univé Chess Tournament in Hoogeveen, a tradition that started in 1997 (in that year it was won by Emil Sutovsky, the current president of ACP).

To present, chess organization is still Jeroen’s main activity, although he never stopped writing. In 2012 his first book was published (about football).

His other interests are sports (both active and passive), jazz music, long dinners and people.


Abhijit Kunte - International Grandmaster

International Grandmaster in 2000. Became 1st Grandmaster from Pune, 2nd from Maharashtra and Fourth from India
Coach of Indian Women team for Chess Olympiad at Istanbul 2012, Indian Women team finished creditable 4th from 128 countries. This is India’s best ever performance.
Member of Indian Team for four Chess Olympiads – 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004. Member of Indian team for 12 years 1998-2011
Promotion Activities:
- Lakshya Institute – Not for profit Sports NGO – Founder Member since 2009.
- Maharashtra Chess Association – State Association – Commissioner Chess in School program from 2011 – 2015.
- Buddhibal Kreeda Trust – NGO for Chess Promotion – Advisor


Anastasia Savina - International Master, Woman Grand Master
I was born in 1992 in Moscow, Russia. 
I started playing chess in the age of 6. Since then I was three times Russian champion in youth categories and obtained the titles of women grandmaster (2010) and international master (2011).
After finishing my studies at RSUPE (Russian State University of Physical Education), I moved to Nancy (France) working as a chess coach. I also hold the title of Fide Trainer since 2013.
Among my hobbies are sports, literature, travelling and foreign languages.
I am interested in participating in the ACP activities and writing articles in Russian and English.