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ACP Book of the Year


17 April 2012

Dear Publisher, in an effort to promote multiple aspects of professional chess, the ACP recently decided to establish a new annual contest, called the ACP Book of the Year.

The reason for this new contest is clear. The ACP boasts a staggering number of chess professionals - over 800 members from more than 70 countries, including most of the top players, trainers, arbiters, journalists and organizers.

Clearly, an endorsement from such a qualified group of chess professionals would represent an inestimable added value to the award-winner, and provide an incentive to sales.

The procedure for this first year is a very simplified one. We will be asking every known international Publisher to nominate a maximum of two books from their 2011 production. The ACP Board (members here) will then shortlist ten of these books out of the overall field. Each board member will be independently voting 10 books, and the 10 most voted books will make the shortlist.

The title and cover of all shortlisted books will be published on the web-page for the ACP Book of the Year contest, and ACP members shall be entitled to vote by a plain click on a for a period of one month.

Voting shall commence on 9 April and end on 30 April, and the winner of the ACP 2012 Book of the Year shall be announced on 2 May 2012.

The award winning title shall be hosted on a dedicated page of the ACP site, with a permanent link to the Publishing house's website.

Please send your nominations by 31 March at the following e-mail address:

If you wish to reinforce your nomination by sending copies of the nominated books to the ACP board, your are most welcome to do so. In this case, please state your interest for this solution in your nomination e-mail and you shall be directed accordingly.

If you wish to receive further clarification on the ACP 2012 Book of the Year contest, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail.

ACP Board