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ACP General Assembly 2014



10 December 2014

Dear ACP members,

The ACP General Assembly 2014 will take place on the ACP official website from 31 December 2014 to 6 January 2015.

All members registered in the Association before the end of 2013 have the right to take part in votes.

Project of Agenda:

I. ACP President's annual report
a) ACP President's annual report 2013
b) ACP President's annual report 2014

II. Financial Report
a) Presentation of the ACP Financial Report for the year 2013 by the ACP Treasurer Pavel Tregubov
b) Vote on approval

ACP Members have two weeks to ask the ACP Board to include their questions in the agenda. Please contact the ACP General Secretary Bartlomiej Macieja at .

The final agenda will be published on 23 December 2014.
Kindly note, that all dates are according to the CET.

ACP Board 10 December 2014

Edit by the ACP General Secretary, Bartlomiej Macieja, on 23 December 2014: As no requests to include additional topics have been submitted, the presented above project of Agenda shall be considered final.