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ACP Golden Classic - Round 1


17 July 2012

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The ACP Golden Classic starts with a bang   by Yuri Garrett

On round 1, all three games were both decisive and interesting.

In the first game to end, Gata Kamsky always kept control of his position against Liem Le Quang. In a rather sharp symmetrical English, Kamsky got the upper hand with his knights (7 moves out of the first eleven were played by the g1 knight!) from the very beginning and kept his tight grip on Black's position. A neat rook sacrifice on f6 on move 25 basically ended the game in White's favour and although the Vietnamese continued to play on for another 10 moves the result was never an issue after that.

In his game against Baadur Jobava, Vasil Ivanchuk somehow failed to retain an advantage from the opening. The Georgian got overconfident at some point and decided to go for the 'a' pawn rather than for the safer c4 doubled pawn, which would have kept his queen in the hot part of the chessboard. Ivanchuk exploited his opponent's recklessness in a superb way and ended by winning a fine attacking game.

The great achievement of the day is Anna Muzychuk's brilliant win over Sasikiran with the black pieces. Around move 23 White started to lose the thread of the position by playing the inaccurate Bb6 which eventually led to the exchange of the dark-squared bishops, which obviously favoured Black.  Muzychuk seized the initiative and her play on the black squares was very effective. Notwithstanding the great time pressure Anna outplayed her opponent with the brilliant 32...Bxe4 and eventually won a fine game that was undoubtedly the result of the day.
So day one did not bring forth any adjournment, but the sole threat of the adjournment (and the extra 30 minutes on the clock) produced three very creative and interesting games. What can we expect from round two? Who will be the first to seal his move?