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ACP members to receive special conditions at the forthcoming European Individual Championship - clarification from organisers


13 April 2012

Regarding the registration of ACP members and usage of the discount the Bulgarian Chess Federation would like to ask to take under consideration that this discounts will be applicable till 10th February, which is the deadline for registrations.

This year all Proforma Invoices are prepared from the registration system and the discounts have to be calculated before that.

As it has been published in the conditions for ACP members the discount will be applied to the payment, which has to be done till 10th February as per General regulations.

The Bulgarian Chess Federation wants to ask for kind understanding that they have to pay the expenses for accommodation to the Novotel on 15th February due to they can not afford to make any discounts after that.

Also the national federations have to send to the Bulgarian Chess Federation information which players are ACP members.