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ACP Newsletter #1 2019



19 April 2019

News section

ACP Newsletter

Dear Members,
The new ACP Board started its work and we can already inform you of our first success.

As you already know the ACP managed to secure special prizes for its Premiums in the European Individual Chess Championship that was held in Skopje. Six of our Premiums, Grandmasters Aleksandr Rakhmanov, Mateusz Bartel, Constantin Lupulescu, Aleksey Dreev, Daniel Fridman and Francisco Vallejo Pons won 1000 EUR each. Our congratulations to all of them!
In this newsletter we would like to share with you some of our ideas for the future.
We plan to continue our cooperation with the major tournaments and organisers. In fact, we are already in negotiations with several of them to continue our wild card projects. One cooperation we can already confirm is that we will again have wild card spots for the “best open chess tournament in the world” in Gibraltar in 2020!
On a separate note, don’t forget that the ACP has a wild card spot in the Grand Swiss to be held on the Isle of Man from 8-22 October.
One of our main goals is to start organising the ACP Cup again. This tournament was very popular and successful and we would like to have it again on our calendar.
An area where we would like to expand our influence is promotion of chess. This can be done in more than one way and we are already looking into some of them.
As a result of successful negotiations we would like to announce our cooperation with the ECU and the organisers, the Monaco Chess Federation, of the European Women Rapid and Blitz Championship, to be held in Monaco in the luxurious Hotel Novotel from 28 November to 2 December.

We decided to help 8 ACP Premiums by covering their expenses for the duration of the event. The players will receive 100 EUR towards their travel expenses and they will not have to pay an entry fee. They will also have free transfer from and to Nice airport.

We secured 4 double rooms in the official Hotel Novotel on a bed and breakfast basis with an additional 150 EUR pocket money for the other meals.

The players to receive these conditions will be decided based on the standings in the ACP Women Series (the women part of the ACP Tour) as of 1 Octoberand an additional criterium, in view of the general outlook towards chess promotion, is that we plan to include at least 1 member per federation, provided they are ACP Premiums and have a standing on the ACP Women Series.

You can see the official regulations for the tournament following this link.
In view of all of the above we would like to remind you to register and pay the Premium fee before 20 May in order to have all your results from 2019 calculated into the ACP Tour. In this way you will not lose any points and will be eligible for wild cards during the whole year. You can find all the details here.
Wishing you the best,
The ACP Board