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ACP Newsletter #3 2019



17 October 2019

News section

ACP Newsletter

Dear Members,
There have been a few developments in the last period that we would like to share with you.

First of all, we had our General Assembly running from 1-11 October. The purpose of this early GA was to "catch up" with the financial accounts.

Here we present the results of the GA:

To the question, I discharge the President for his management during 2018 we had:

Yes - 9
No - 1
Abstain - 5

To the question, I approve the accounts of year ended 31.12.2018 we had:

Yes - 13
No - 0
Abstain - 2.

The number of votes was rather low, and while we do understand that you definitely have other commitments, we would lilke to have more feedback. After all, we are working for you and we are here to help you when you need us.

Moving onto the topic of tournaments, you already know that ACP will have 8 wild cards at the upcoming European Women Rapid and Blitz tournament to be held in Monaco (28 November - 2 December). After consulting with our members and also conducting a drawing of lots we can now announce these 8 ACP representatives. They are:

GM Stefanova Antoaneta
WGM Girya Olga
IM Kashlinskaya Alina
IM Gaponenko Inna
IM Bodnaruk Anastasia
GM Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan
IM Bulmaga Irina
IM Buksa Nataliya

Good luck to all of them in Monaco!

Our cooperation with the tournaments in the USA is continuing and expanding, so we are happy to announce that we will have an ACP Prize at the Charlotte Open that will be held from 1-5 January 2020. The tournament is expected to have more than 20 GMs and will have a prize fund of $20,000. The prize of $1,000 for our Premiums will be co-sponsored by the Jim Eade Foundation. We would also like to thank Peter Giannatos, the Executive Director and Founder of the Charlotte Chess Centre and Grant Oen, the Assistant Director and Events Manager for making this cooperation possible.

We continue our work and hopefully we'll be able to give you more great news soon.

Wishing you the best,
The ACP Board