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ACP Newsletter September: What do you think of Tromso Olympiad? New Wildcards, and an urgent Open Letter



1 September 2014

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ACP Newsletter
Dear Friends,
Once again, it's time to update you on the activities of the ACP. It's been a busy two months for us – we successfully conducted the ACP Golden Classic event in Bergamo, where Wesley So clinched the winner’s golden bar in convincing style (more info here), and there has been progress in various other programs as well. A few ones that have reached fruition are mentioned below:
  1. Wildcards: The ACP Tour is now also a major gateway to the world’s most prestigious tournaments. After the long established cooperation with the Gibraltar Masters (where GMs Eljanov, Dreev and Khotenashvili had a special conditions to the ACP, and at least three more ACP players will have a similar treatment in 2015), in 2014 we also reached agreements with the Poikovsky Karpov Tournament(GM Ivan Saric) and the Biel GM Tournament ‘in memoriam Hans Suri' (GM Alexander Motylev). 
    Today, we are proud to present our collaboration with the Tata Steel Chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee! 
    The organizers of the longest-standing invitational tournament in the world shared the ACP’s vision and approved an invitation to the best player of the ACP Tour (based on the standings on December 7, 2014) rated below 2750 Elo at the start of the Tour (January 1, 2014) for the Tata Steel Masters (also known as A-Group). In addition, the leader of the ACP Women Tour on November 1, 2014 will be invited for the Tata Steel Challengers! (B-Group).
  2. Veterans Program Update: Our work to establishing the joint FIDE–ACP panel for the Veteran's program has stepped up further, and ACP President Emil Sutovsky and GM Michal Krasenkow have been nominated as the representatives of the ACP in the joint panel. We've engaged with the public for the suggestion of suitable and needy candidates, while Emil and Michal have been working hard to shortlist the players. For more details about the program, please click here.
  3. Olympic Poll: The Chess Olympiad brings together the vast majority of chess professionals, and we feel it is essential that their opinions and suggestions are recorded so the experience can be improved in the future. Therefore we designed a special survey that gives you the chance to air your views at Please take a couple of minutes off your schedule to answer these few questions concerning not only organizational aspects but also the paramount topic of FIDE rules adopted in the tournament with a view to seeking possible improvements for the benefit of all the chess community. The poll will run until October 1, 2014. Please note that while your identity will be protected and never disclosed to third parties, we need your name to verify that you were indeed present at the Olympiad.
  4. World Championship impasse - Besides these activities, we are also very concerned with some of the recent developments that threaten the unity and smooth functioning of the chess world. ACP President Emil Sutovsky wrote an open letter to the FIDE President concerning these matters, and requesting his attention to resolve all of these issues – it can be found here. Also, after an extensive dialogue with both parties, the ACP President helped to clear some of the misunderstanding between FIDE and the Carlsen team which led to the extension of FIDE's deadline for Magnus Carlsen to sign the contract for the World Championship in Sochi until September 7. 

It looks as the next few weeks will be very important for the future of chess. The ACP will remain vigilant during this crucial period and look forward to further contribute to make the chess world a better place.

The ACP Board