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ACP President's Report 2013



19 December 2013

News section

ACP Newsletter
Dear colleagues,
The time has come to sum up the results of the ACP Board activities in 2013. I am proud to say, that we have managed to reach most of our objectives for the year, both in terms of organizing the events, protecting chess players' rights and promoting the higher status of chess professional.
We have conducted the ACP Cup, with the participation of the world's best players, we have ensured a dramatic increase in the prize funds for all Continental Championships, our massive campaign and diligent work fighting the computer-assisted cheating are already bearing fruit. We initiated the programm to support chess veterans - it was supported by FIDE and will be launched in 2014.
This year, ACP has assisted many chess professionals, from India to Azerbaijan, from France to Russia, from UK to US, from Iran to Israel - fighting for their rights and helping them to resolve various financial and legal issues. Throughout the year, we have provided our members with special prizes, wild-cards, and helped raising funds when it was necessary.  
At the same time, we cooperate with FIDE, national federations, organizers of the various chess events, publishers, chess arbiters and trainers - all that allows to lift the professional chess to the new level. 
Next year we are going to build on our success, and , of course, your support here is of utmost importance.
Dear colleagues, I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to all of you.
Let us keep working together, making a professional chess world a better place.
Emil Sutovsky 
ACP President