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ACP Statement on Olympiad 2012 principals nomination controversy


11 June 2012

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ACP Newsletter

The ACP Board has received an official letter from the number of world's leading chess federations, with the request to react on the public statement of the President of the Turkish Chess Federation, Mr. Ali Nihat Yazici:

We know Mr.Yazici as a proactive chess organizer, who managed to organize a significant number of a high-level events in Turkey. Thanks to his efforts, the Olympiad 2012 was granted to Istanbul.

However, the ACP Board sees his decision not to invite any principal or arbiter from England, France, Georgia, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA as a very dangerous precedent, which contradicts the very spirit of the "Gens Una Sumus" motto and violates the FIDE statutes.

We would like to remind Mr. Yazici and the whole chess community, that Olympiads were always seen as a major event which unites people, and in good old days, all the wars were terminated, when the Olympiad was about to start.

We firmly believe, that the World Chess Olympiad should not become a battlefield, and it is unacceptable to ban any federation on political or other grounds.

We have been informed, that if the situation doesn't change, some of the affected federations would consider to boycott the Olympiad altogether and not to send their players to Istanbul.

The ACP Board calls on FIDE to urgently discuss the situation and to resolve it fairly by respecting the rights and duties of all the parties involved.

The ACP Board also appeals personally to the President of the Turkish Chess Federation Mr. Ali Nihat Yazici, asking him to take one step back and to reinforce the Olympic spirit of peace, friendship and unity, even at the cost of sacrificing the very views of the National Federation he represents.

ACP Board
11 June 2012