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Antoaneta Stefanova wins Women's World Rapid Championship 2012


4 June 2012

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Dear Chess friends,

The Women's World Rapid Championship 2012 organized by the ACP and the Georgian Chess Federation in Batumi has come to an end.
It was already the second extremely successful elite tournament for women organized by the ACP and the Georgian Chess Federation in Georgia this year.

After 4 days of fighting chess (31 May - 3 June) the title has been won by a former Women's World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova (Bulgaria), who scored 8.5 points in 11 games.
The silver medal went to another former Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia), while the bronze medal to the current runner-up Humpy Koneru (India), both with 8 points.

The prize fund was 59000 USD.

The event was followed by the spectators from all over the World - the official website of the championship were visited by the chess fans from 132 countries, and it was also heavily covered in chess, sport and mainstream media.

Video reports:
Opening ceremony
Day 1 - Report
Day 1 - Interviews with Mahir Mammadov (General Sponsor Socar) and Anna Muzychuk
Day 2 - Interview with ACP President Emil Sutovsky
Day 2 - Report and interviews with Harika Dronavalli and Pia Cramling
ChessBase report
Day 3 - Interview with Mark Dvoretsky
Day 3 - Report and interviews with Salome Melia and Qian Huang
Day 4 - Interview with Women's World Rapid Champion 2012 Antoaneta Stefanova
Day 5 - Press Conference with Antoaneta Stefanova, Alexandra Kosteniuk and Humpy Koneru
Day 5 - Interview with Anastasia Sorokina

Today and tomorrow (4-5 June) the Women's World Blitz Championship 2012 is taking place. All games can be seen online on the official website of the event:

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4 June 2012