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Thank you for your interest in supporting the ACP. You can become a donor to ACP causes or an ACP sponsor here.
If your gift is 1000 Euros or more you will be designated an official sponsor of ACP and will appear as such in ACP Newsletter as well as on ACP website. Giving under 1000 Euros will earn an ACP Donor designation and a recognition as such.
ACP is a non-for-profit organization and Board Members do not receive salaries for their work, therefore you can expect your contribution to fund solely the activities that ACP supports. Additionally your contribution may be tax-deductible depending on your country of residence. 
You can choose to earmark your gift by choosing a specific category/categories which you would prefer to support by sending an email with your request to
The categories are:
1) Support new events
2) Support existing events with prizes or conditions for ACP Members
3) Support Chess Veterans
4) Support Youth Chess
5) Support Women's chess
6) Support Anti-Cheating initiatives
You can donate to ACP or become a sponsor by sending funds via:
By making a money transfer to the ACP Paypal account using the following e-mail address:
Wire: International transfers:
IBAN: FR49 3000 2004 8200 0000 5750 J46 
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): CRLYFRPP 
Bank: Credit Lyonnais 
Account holder: ACP 
Address: 9 rue de l`asile Popincourt, 75011 Paris, France
Wire: transfers in France:
Code Banque: 30002 
Code Guichet: 00482 
Numéro de Compte: 0000005750J 
Clé RIB: 46 
Domiciliation: Credit Lyonnais, Paris Sully 
Titulaire du compte: ACP 
Adresse: 9 rue de l`asile Popincourt, 75011 Paris
We will revert back with a receipt of your generous contribution from our non-for-profit organization to help you with your tax deduction.
Thank you for your support.
With very best wishes,
ACP Board