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Fruitful cooperation with Tradewise Chess Gibraltar



3 January 2014
ACP continues a fruitful cooperation with the Tradewise Chess Gibraltar tournament, that was voted the Best Open Tournament in the World in 2012 and 2013.
This year, Grandmasters Eljanov, Dreev and Khotenashvili got special conditions in Gibraltar, thanks to their excellent results in the ACP Tour.
The ACP is pleased to announce that the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2014 will be the beneficiary of the special prize awarded to the winner of the "2013 Best Open Tournament of the Year”. 
The prize will be awarded to the highest-placed ACP Premium Member* in the Masters tournament who didn't win any of the regular or category prizes. The amount of the prize will match the amount of the last regular prize paid in the main tournament, for a sum not exceeding 1000 pounds. Last year the prize was won by GM Le Quang Liem.