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Gibraltar Tradewise Chess is the Tournament of the Year 2014



16 April 2015
The annual Tournament of the Year contest which was held from March 15 to April 15 is over. Only ACP members could vote, which made the results of a contest verifiable and reflecting the opinion of professional chess society. There were a total of 222 votes cast, and here are the winners in all the categories:
Swiss Tournament:
1. Gibraltar Tradewise Chess 
2. Qatar Masters
3. Millionaire Chess 
4. Reykjavik Open
5. Baku Open
Round Robin events:
1st equal. Sinquefield Cup and Gashimov Memorial
3. Tata Steel Chess
4. ACP Golden Classic
5. No Logo Norway Chess
Rapid events:
1. World Rapid and Blitz Championship 
2. London Chess Classic - Super Rapidplay
3. SportAccord Mind Games
4-5 Women's World Rapid and Blitz Championship and Tal blitz Memorial
Official events:
1. World Championship Match, Sochi
2. Chess Olympiad , Tromso
3. FIDE Candidates, Khanty-Mansiysk 
4. Baku FIDE Grand Prix
5. European Chess Club Cup
Overall Best Tournament of the Year 2014:
1. Gibraltar Tradewise Chess 
2. World Championship Match, Sochi
3. Qatar Masters
4. Sinquefield Cup
5. ACP Golden Classic
ACP Board congratulates the winners, and thanks all those who participated in the vote!