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July Newsletter: Veteran's Program, Wildcards and More



6 July 2014

News section

ACP Newsletter
Dear Members,
It is time for us to update you on the latest activities of ACP. As usual, a lot of exciting projects are ongoing, but for now here are the latest concrete results of our work.
1. Supporting Veteran Chess Players: FIDE has accepted our proposal to launch a program to support Veteran chess players. This year five distinguished chess veterans will be selected by a joint ACP-FIDE panel, with each of them receiving an amount of USD 5000 as an appreciation for their contribution to chess. We believe this is a first step in an important direction, and we hope to expand the program over the next few years. The ACP Board encourages our members to submit their suggestions for the Veterans program based on the need, and contribution to chess of these nominees. It will be an invaluable help in selecting the most deserving of players.
2. ACP Golden Classic: The final touches to ACP's flagship event for 2014 have been given, and the stage is set with some of the world's top players at a landmark Auditorium, in the heart of the city of Bergamo from 12 to 20 July.  GMs Wesley So, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Baadur Jobava, Zoltan Almasi, Emil Sutovsky, Daniele Vocaturo and Sabino Brunello will battle it out with 5 hour-sessions and adjournments: will the quality of the games be as high as those in Amsterdam 2012?
There is also a very high quality first-move programme, starring, among others, former European Basketball Player of the Year and one of the best points guards ever Pierluigi Marzorati,quadruple Rhythmic Gymnastics World Champion Daniela Masseroni and Giacomo Agostini,simply the greatest motorcycle racer ever (15 World titles and 122 Grand Prix wins).
Various measures to promote the game further in Italy have been planned, like staging the International Open “Città di Bergamo” from 18 to 20 July. You can follow the tournament, with live IM/GM commentary in both Italian and English, at
3. Anti Cheating Committee: ACP, through the ACP Board Director - Yuri Garrett, was closely involved in the formation, meetings, and actions of the Anti Cheating Committee that was formed last year to evaluate new methods for combating this problem. We are pleased to announce that after much discussion the following in depth suggestions were proposed (to be approved by FIDE):
4. Wildcards: We continue to promote the interests of our members, and possibilities of wildcards in various top events. For now, we have already reached an agreement with the Gibraltar Chess Congress for the 2015 edition. Two of the top ranked players in the ACP Tour and the top ranked female player in the Women's Tour as on 1st October 2014  will be provided with special conditions. For Men, all Premium members below the rating of 2720  on January 2014 will be considered.
We would also like to mention the latest wildcards awarded to our members: Alexander Motylev will be the ACP wildcard in the elite Biel Grand Master Tournament to be held in July, while Ivan Saric had been the ACP wildcard in the Poikovsky Tournament held in May. 
5. ACP Arbiters in Tromso: On our recommendation, 7 of the ACP Members were nominated as Arbiters for the upcoming Chess Olympiad by FIDE. These are:
Margit Brokko (Estonia)
Ulkar Umudova (AZE)
Marika Japaridze (Georgia)
Almog Burstein (Israel)
Carlo Callegher (Italy)
Yuri Gnyp (Ukraine)
Eduard Duchovny (USA)
We feel that Arbiters are an essential part of the professional chess landscape, and there is a need to further develop the quality and conditions for them. We are working on various proposals and programs to further represent the interests of the community of Arbiters.
6. BoY and ToY Contests: Once again, we successfully conducted the Book of the Year and Tournament of the Year contests this April. It gives important feedback to the publishers, readers, and chess organisers about the opinions of the chess playing professionals. Judit Polgar's From GM to Top Ten, published by Quality Chess won the ACP Book of the Year 2014, while theLondon Candidates tournament was adjudged the best 2014 tournament.
Best of Luck, 
The ACP Board