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November Newsletter



23 November 2014

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ACP Newsletter
Dear Members,
Once again, it's time to update you on the activities of the ACP during the last months. Here's a snippet of the activities that we've been involved in during the last months:
1. Restoring the justice:  ACP proved to be instrumental, resolving financial matters for over 40 players, who were not paid their prize money and travel expenses in the tournaments in Japan and Bosnia. Thanks to our involvement, the justice has been restored and the vast majority of players received their fees.  The Board continues to work to assure that the remaining players should be paid shortly. This success sets a very important precedent and ensures all ACP members  fair treatment by organizers in the future.
2. ECU and zero tolerance (almost) abolished: The ACP Board started a productive dialogue with the new ECU administration about various issues.  Most importantly, we succeeded in removing the very unpopular zero tolerance rule from the forthcoming European Championship (with the acceptable exception for Round One). This is a very important achievement, and we will keep our work in order to remove zero tolerance policy from all the open and team tournaments. The anti-draw rules were also excluded from the European Individual Championships, as their spirit simply contradict the event format. 
3. FIDE Anti-Cheating Commission - As expected, FIDE established a permanent Anti-Cheating Commission - a vital tool for fighting fraud in chess. The other good news is that the ACP, which was the main drive behind this change, has significant representation in the commission - ACP Board Director Yuri Garrett  is the new Commission Secretary and Yuliya Levitan, Laurent Freyd and Konstantin Landa are commission members. We would like to thank FIDE for recognizing the hard work by the ACP experts.
4. Board changes: In the past weeks, Board Members Dmitrij Krjakvin and Olena Boytsun stepped down. The Board wish to express their thanks for their contribution to the ACP during the time they served and at the same time welcome WIM Yulia Levitan to the Board! As an experienced chess player, and a professional lawyer in the United States, she should be able to give us an important new perspective to the issues in the chess world.
5. Wijk aan Zee 2015 Wild Cards: The contract has been finalized to invite the leaders of the ACP Tour for the Tata Steel Masters and ACP women's tour for the Tata Steel Challengers.  As the current standings show, the Tata Steel Masters spot is still very competitive (and a wild- card to be announced on Dec.7) while Valentina Gunina has sealed her invitation in the Challengers.
6. World Cup 2015 Wild Card: The ACP also reached an agreement with FIDE that the results of the ACP Tour will be used to determine one of the wildcards in the 2015 World Cup.
7. Veteran's Program: The ACP–FIDE Veteran's program (ACP was represented in the joint ACP-FIDE panel by Emil Sutovsky and Michael Krasenkow) had a smooth start and the $5,000 stipends to the following chess legends were awarded:
i.  Boris Spassky (Russia) 
ii.  Nona Gaprindashvili (Georgia) 
iii. Leonard Barden (England)
iv. Viktor Kupreichik (Belarus)
v. Mark Tseitlin (Israel)
vi. Igor Zaitsev (Russia)   
ACP is currently working on the list of veterans to be awarded stipends in 2015. The Board welcomes any suggestions and nominations!
8.  Mediation in World Championship: As many of you may have known, the running World Championship match was threatened with a deadlock between the FIDE and the Carlsen team before the signing of the contract. The mediation of ACP President, Emil Sutovsky, was crucial in clearing the misunderstandings between both parties and allowing the match to proceed as scheduled.
9. ACP Olympic Poll: The results of our Olympic Poll are now available and should provide an important information to the organizers and FIDE. Please check them out here.
10.  ACP Tour: The ACP tour serves as a qualifier for many events (World Cup, Tata Steel, Gibraltar, Poikovsky, Biel) - the information is constantly updated throughout the year by Pavel Tregubov, and it can be accessed at the following links:
The ACP Board