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Open Letter to FIDE on the Ivanov case



11 December 2013
To the Presidents of the
Qualification Commission, Mr. Ignatius Leong
Ethics Commission, Mr. Roberto Rivello
Anti-Cheating Commission, Mr. Israel Gelfer
Dear Mr. President,
on behalf of the ACP, I wish to bring to your attention some recent facts whereby a Bulgarian player, FM Boris Ivanov, was twice expelled from a tournament for not complying with arbiter requests. The ACP thinks it is only fair that all his games in these tournaments should be either canceled rating-wise or, better, considered as forfeited and therefore presents you with an official request to this effect.
Also, we are wondering whether immediate and urgent actions can be taken against similar cases while waiting for the new anti-cheating regulations to be developed and put into force after Tromso 2014, such as a suspension, in order to avoid further disorders in FIDE rated tournaments.
I trust you will consider this matter very attentively as it is very sensitive for all chess professionals and amateurs alike.
Kind regards,
Yuri Garrett
ACP Board Director
Member of the ACP/FIDE Anti-Cheating Committee