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Open Letter to FIDE President Mr.Kirsan Ilyumzhinov



26 August 2014
Open Letter to FIDE President Mr.Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
Dear Mr. President,
The most recent developments around the World Championship Cycle (men and women) that concern all the top players and global chess community leave me no other choice but to address you publicly with this open letter. There are several issues that require an urgent action - I will present them one by one.
1. World Championship Match.
We all know, that it took a lot of time and effort to find a venue and funding for the World Championship Match. Finally it was announced that the Match will be staged in Sochi, Russia. In the absence of other bids, the prize fund was decreased almost by 50% , compared to the last World Championship Match, but, no less importantly, there are still quite a few uncertainties regarding the Match, that led to a deadlock - as a result, the contracts have not been signed so far. Unfortunately, I have to admit, that even being a member of the Commission for World Championships and Olympiads of FIDE (hereinafter referred as WCOC), yours truly is not updated with the real situation, and greatly concerned about the lack of transparency and the possible consequences.
Mr. President, I call you to make everything possible in order to resolve all the disagreements, and not to let the chess world divide, as it happened in the recent past. 
2. Grand Prix series.
The FIDE Grand Prix series that serve as a qualifier for the FIDE Candidates Tournament also raise a lot of concern. While here the prize fund was also decreased by about 50%, there are other issues to be resolved as well. The whole Grand Prix cycle that was supposed to be confirmed by the end of 2013 was only confirmed in August, and the players have just one week to confirm on their participation. That is especially disturbing, given that the time control stipulated in the contract differs from the one supported by the players (see the ACP poll: ). It doesn't make major difference for the organizers (after all, the game would last the same number of hours), but it is disturbing that top players' opinion is ignored again and again. I have raised this issue in WCOC several times, but got no satisfying reply. There is a hope that after this letter the things might change.
3. Women's World Championship
It is shocking to see no official news for the Women's World Championship scheduled to start in 1.5 months. Sixty four ladies are supposed to take part in this most prestigious competition, and they can neither prepare for the event, nor to accept invitations to other tournaments in September - November period. Having no official news about World Championship tournament just a few weeks prior to its commencement is unheard of, and I ask you, Mr.President, to confirm or postpone it officially without further delay.
Dear Mr. President, as you see, there are several urgent issues, and on behalf of the ACP and the global chess community, I ask you to take all the necessary steps in order to restore the order in the chess Kingdom.
Sincerely yours,
Emil Sutovsky 
The ACP President