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Open letter from GM Dejan Bojkov on cheating



4 May 2013

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Dear all,

due to the increased level of fraud and suspicions of cheating of lately in chess. I would like to to present you an idea of how to deal with the problem.

The idea for anti-cheating commission is fairly simple.
You know that in all sports there are is the so-called doping police. In chess, the main doping is the use of chess engines during the game.
ACP can create a squad, which will receive signals of possible cheating. The players under suspicion can be checked by the doping police randomly and without any hint of what is going to happen.

For example, the case with the notorious Borislav Ivanov cannot be solved at the moment as none is actually checking him. Everyone suspects, believes, but as there are no proves, none can take actions. A sudden check can disclose his real strength. You probably do not know that before the open Bulgarian championship in Plovdiv this February the arbiter (IA Rumen Angelov) showed at the opening ceremony a gadget and stated that he has the right to check anyone during the event. This gadget was basically nothing, but for one or another reason Ivanov's performance there was around 1800-1900.

Anti-cheaters squad will be equipped with the necessary tools for the random checks.
They will have the authority to punish the proved cheater.

I will suggest that at first the cheaters should be banned for 5 years. It is a bit rough, but people need to start thinking twice before doing this. After some years, the ban can be lowered to 2 years, but at least at the beginning things should be scary for the potential cheaters.

The anti-doping cops should be spread on all the continents (although I am not quite sure if this is possible from financial point of view). You will need to polish the details.

One more thing- there should be punishments for people who claim cheating just because they do not like particular player. The anti-cheating squad will also add the names of the people who make the signals and check their reliability.

Please, make me know what do you think about this idea,

GM Dejan Bojkov, Bulgaria