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Poikovsky 2016 Report


6 August 2016

A tournament with one of the longest traditions in modern history, the traditional Poikovsky tournament bears the name of Anatoly Karpov since 2000. The 17th edition this year took place from 23 July to 1 August and it was again part of the ACP Tour. We are very proud to have this excellent tournament as our partner tournament that is happy to accommodate our wild cards every year. This year’s ACP wild card was Latvian Grandmaster Igor Kovalenko, who, incidentally, was pivotal in determining the final winner – like last year, his name and the score were the same – the Ukranian Grandmaster Anton Korobov won with 6/9, securing his victory with the last round win over our wild card.

Second place went to Radoslaw Wojtaszek with 5.5/9 and third to Dmitry Andreikin with 5/9 (who had a better tie break than Matlakov and Jakovenko who had the same score).

Tournament traditions are rare to sustain in modern times and we hope that the organisers of the Poikovsky tournament continue their efforts in the future. As ACP we will do everything that is in our powers to help them maintain the highest level of this exceptional tournament.