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Poikovsky rescheduled - Sep 27 - Oct 8. ACP wildcard



8 May 2015
The XVI Poikovsky Karpov Chess Tournament will take place between Sep 27 - Oct 8.
As usual, it will be one of the strongest tournaments of the year. It becomes a good tradition to have an ACP wild card in this prestigious event. The wild card will be distributed according to the ACP Tour standings on August 20, 2015.

Overview of all ACP wildcards:
World Cup: Romain Edouard (based on 2014 ACP Tour),
Poikovsky: 1 wildcard based on the ACP Tour Standings on August 20,
Qatar Masters: 3 men + 3 women, November 1,
Wijk aan Zee: 1 Masters and 1 Challengers, December 1,
Gibraltar: 1 men + 2 women, December 1


Anatoly Karpov and Vladimir Semenov, head of the Nefteyugansk region