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Thankful letter by Anastasia Sorokina


25 November 2012
I am really happy that ACP exists as an organization for chess professionals! Personally, ACP played a very important role in my chess career.
I have played chess nearly all my life, learning to play at the age of 5. I gained the WIM title and in 2002 I became an IA.
As an Arbiter I have participated in a number of high level chess events these last few years. This includes Olympiads, World Youth and Junior Events and a lot of other international events. Currently I also undertook the responsibility of Deputy Chief Arbiter in the second leg of the Men’s Grand Prix in Tashkent.
Since 2009 I have not been able to attend any FIDE official events, thanks to a special reason ! My daughter was born and recently celebrated her third birthday. I was not sure actually that I would come back to professional chess as a career but fortunately in May 2012, I received an invitation from ACP to participate as an arbiter in the Women World Blitz and Rapid Championships in Batumi.
Thanks to this invitation and the great experience in the high level rapid and blitz event in Georgia, I understood that i still can’t live without chess!
Now I travel a lot as an Arbiter in different high level events: the World Rapid and Blitz Championship 2012 in Astana, World Junior Championship 2012 in Athens and now the GP in Tashkent! Also I was nominated as one of the ACP arbiters to participate in the 2012 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, where I got a chance to judge the top match between China and Russia!
I’m very proud to be an Arbiter and represent Australia in all those events! 
Anastasia Sorokina
International Arbiter, Women International Master, FIDE Trainer