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Wojtaszek and Gunina get ACP wild cards for Wijk aan Zee



8 December 2014

Grandmasters Radoslaw Wojtaszek (Poland) and Valentina Gunina (Russia) get the ACP wild cards for the participation in Tata Masters and Tata Challengers Wijk-aan-Zee respectively.

GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek was leading throughout the race, but at the end he edged GM Dmitry Jakovenko in the ACP Tour only by the narrowest margin: 1939 points for Radoslaw and 1915 points for Dmitry. Congratulations to both for a great season, and we wish Radoslaw to have a successful event in Wijk, where he will compete the World Champion Magnus Carlsen and many of the World's best players.

In the Women's ACP Tour, Valentina Gunina was a clear winner, and in January 2015 she will compete against a very strong opposition in the Tata Challengers. We'd like to thank again the organizers of Tata Steel, and we are looking forward to strengthening this cooperation in the future.

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