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World premiere in the 21st century... or not?


17 July 2012

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By Lennart Ootes

Besides a strong and nicely mixed field of participants, the ACP Golden Classic tournament also has a unique tournament formula: the return of adjourned games, for the first time in the 21st century. After five hours of play, the players are obliged to adjourn and seal a move, or determine the result. In the first round one game lasted five hours, and then when arbiter stopped the clock, one of the players resigned. In the second round there was a new opportunity. As a reporter [for the official website] I joined the action, looking for that one unique image of this 21st century world première.

Arbiters Joost Jansen and Mark Huizer (left, behind) tell Sasikiran that the playing time is over and the game will be adjourned. Opponent Jobava observes.

In the other game, after five hours Le Quang Liem just resigns against Ivanchuk. There is still hope for an adjournment in Jobava-Sasikiran...

Jobava hands his score sheet over to the arbiter, while Sasikiran is trying to decide which move he'll seal. There's a lot of commotion with many people busy with different things, while Black's clock is ticking away.

Jobava nervously walks up and down the playing hall. His position looks suspicious and he'll only know the sealed move on Tuesday.

After more than ten minutes of thinking, Sasikiran writes down his move on his score sheet, which is put into an envelope. The Indian realizes that the live cameras can film every corner of the playing hall.

Sasikiran checks the envelope one more time; sealing a wrong move can have serious consequences.

A unique moment for arbiter Joost Jansen.

With some healthy reluctance the players pose for the camera with the envelope.

Asked by the players, Yuri Garret, board member of the ACP, shows the verdict of the computer. That's an advantage of adjournments these days: everyone has the same tools to analyze. 

ChessBomb's live analysis shows that Sasikiran has a huge advantage. Jobava's verdict, that he can resign if Sasikiran has sealed one of the strongest moves, is confirmed.

Sasikiran says that he has indeed sealed one of the winning moves, and Jobava resigns the game. That's it for the sealed envelope; Jansen has to open it already.

The players discuss the game with the arbiter. Sasikiran thinks that adjournments mostly result in extra paperwork.

The sealed move is 43...Be5.

Interview Sasikiran by Hicham Boulahfa