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ACP Membership 2015

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Dear colleagues,

November Newsletter

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Dear Members,
Once again, it's time to update you on the activities of the ACP during the last months. Here's a snippet of the activities that we've been involved in during the last months:

ACP Newsletter September: What do you think of Tromso Olympiad? New Wildcards, and an urgent Open Letter

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Dear Friends,
Once again, it's time to update you on the activities of the ACP. It's been a busy two months for us – we successfully conducted the ACP Golden Classic event in Bergamo, where Wesley So clinched the winner’s golden bar in convincing style (more info here), and there has been progress in various other programs as well. A few ones that have reached fruition are mentioned below:

July Newsletter: Veteran's Program, Wildcards and More

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Dear Members,
It is time for us to update you on the latest activities of ACP. As usual, a lot of exciting projects are ongoing, but for now here are the latest concrete results of our work.

Program for supporting chess veterans

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Good news from the ACP! 
FIDE has accepted our proposal to launch the program supporting chess veterans. This year five distinguished chess veterans will be chosen by the joint ACP-FIDE panel, and each of them will receive a modest but not insignificant amount of 5000 USD as an appreciation for their contribution to chess. Thanks to FIDE for accepting our proposal, and we hope to expand the program over the next years.

London Candidates Tournament of the Year 2013

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The ACP is glad to announce the FIDE London Candidates as the winner of ACP Tournament of the Year 2013 contest. All ACP members could vote for their favorite tournaments, having a choice out of 25 selected events of different formats. Voting for the best tournament of the year, the ACP members have shown their appreciation for the hard work done by the organizers. A total number of 382 votes were cast. The Tournament of the Year contest is organized for the third consecutive year.

Judit Polgar - From GM to Top Ten awarded as ACP Book of the Year 2014

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Judit Polgar's From GM to Top Ten, published by Quality Chess is awarded as the ACP Book of the Year 2014. From GM to Top Ten received the highest number of votes from the ACP members, who could choose out of 8 books nominated by the leading chess publishing houses of the world.

Aleksandra Dimitrijevic joins ACP Board

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Aleksandra Dimitrijevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a new ACP Board Member!


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