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ACP President's annual report 2012



25 December 2012

News section

ACP Newsletter

Dear colleagues,

The first year of the newly elected ACP Board is behind us. There were many achievements, but there is still so much to do in order to improve the situation in the professional chess world.

We are proud of the three major events we have organized in 2012 - ACP Women Cup in Tbilisi, Women's World Rapid and Blitz Championships in Batumi and the ACP Golden Classic in Amsterdam all were a great success, but of course, that is just a beginning.

The number of the ACP members has increased drastically - today the ACP unites almost 1000 members, who represent 81 countries.

A lot has been done in 2012.

As you know, the ACP Board waived the membership fee for 2012. In spite of that, this year was the first after a very long break when ACP earned more than it spent.

We have cooperated with tournament organizers, chess clubs and chess publishers from all over the world.

We worked hard and got a support from the corporate and private sponsors.

We have helped our members providing them with legal services and special conditions during the official events.

We managed to establish the constructive dialogue between the ACP and national federations, continental institutions and FIDE.

The ACP has managed to push really important changes in the regulations of the World Championship Cycle and also heavily contributed to the increase of the prize funds for many events - starting from the Continental Championships and Grand Prix to the Women's Title Match.

I know - we have achieved a lot. But the hard work must continue, and it will be continued.

Dear colleagues, I wish you all a Happy New Year.
Let us work together to make the professional chess world a better place.


Emil Sutovsky
The ACP President