ACP cooperation with Isle of Man

ACP is glad to announce its special prizes for the Isle of Man Open 2018. We have managed to provide a special additional prize fund for the ACP Members for the amount of 5000 GBP thanks to the generous sponsorship of Archibaldchess. The prizes will be distributed as follows:

Three prizes (1500-1000-500 GBP) in the Open section for players who didn't win a higher regular/rating prize in the tournament. The prizes will not be tied, and will be awarded to the three highest ranked ACP Premium Members, who haven't won a higher regular/rating prize.

Three prizes for women (1000-600-400 GBP) for the top three highest ranked ACP Premium Members. These prizes are compatible with the regular/special prizes in the tournament. These special ACP prizes will not be tied.

Eligibility - the players must be actual ACP Premium Members before October 21, 2018.