ACP Pandemic Poll

Dear Colleagues,
The pandemic changed our world in more than one way.
Many people have been struggling during this time. That is why we prepared a questionnaire with the aim to understand the economical situation of our members and according to that information and based on your suggestions to think and develop new strategies to ensure a decent way of living for the chess professionals.

The results are:


What is your Chess title:
30x GM
3x WGM  
13x IM
1x WIM  
1x CM
4x IA
2x IO


Since the beginning of the pandemic, what were your mainsources of income?
The first 38 participants had to answer the question as a multiple choice. The last 31 participants had to answer the question with a weighted percentage. Therefore we will have two graphs:

The graph above shows the results from the multiple choice question for the first 38 participants. Graph below shows the results in percentages for last 31 participants.

The ACP Board