ACP President Report 2018

Dear Colleagues,

This was arguably the most important year in the history of ACP. The year of a hard work, and the year of our success.

We have not only been proactive helping our members, cooperating with the best tournaments in the world and conducting our events, but for the first time ever ACP made a strong political statement and demanded a change within FIDE. Our vision, our ideas and our principles played an important role in the recent FIDE elections, and we are proud about our clear stand.

ACP helped a lot in bringing much needed changes to FIDE. Several people from the present ACP Board were invited to the new FIDE team, and we keep promoting our values already within the World Chess Federation. At the same time it brings a lot of questions about the future role of ACP itself,

about its aims and everyday work. It is clear that new people have to lead the ACP - and the Extraordinary General Assembly and elections are called for February 2019, when every one of you can run for the position in the Board, that later on will elect the new ACP President. 

As for myself, I am going to promote the values and principles I believe in - already within FIDE.

I truly believe that the new FIDE team is capable of serving the chess world better than any of the previous administrations, and I am looking forward to the exciting times - in cooperation with the global chess community and of course the renewed ACP.

Best regards,

Emil Sutovsky