Report by the President

Dear Colleagues,

In the several months since the last General Assembly we managed to come to an agreement with the European Chess Union about the prizes for our Premiums at the European Individual Chess Championships, both the open and the women section. We will have 5 prizes at both tournaments, 1000 EUR each. This agreement continues the successful cooperation between the two organisations to mutual benefit.

The cooperation with ECU foresees a participation of 30 ACP Premiums in the open section and 20 in the women event. These numbers are necessary in order to guarantee the prizes for our Premiums. We believe that with this support we can make the tournaments stronger and even more prestigious.

While the cooperation with the ECU is undoubtedly wonderful news, unfortunately the last months have been less about chess and more about the well-being of all human beings.

The ACP issued two statements concerning the world-wide situation with the coronavirus. One was about the Candidates Tournament and the other was addressed to all the organisers and national federations.

In a situation of confusion and lack of direction we saw our role as an organisation that needed to step up and call upon the chess world to put health and safety above all. In the majority of cases our call was heeded.

In challenging times I have always drawn inspiration from the great thinkers of the past. Here I would like to quote the words of Mikhail Botvinnik: “When money is lost – nothing is lost; when health is lost – a lot is lost; when courage is lost – everything is lost.”

We must be brave in the fight against the global threat and stay healthy. Be united and strong. That is all that matters now.

Alex Colovic

ACP President