ACP Board Member Elections - FINAL RESULTS

Dear Members,

In the past days we received 3 complaints about the validity of votes that had been cast, mainly revolving around the eligibility to vote of the complainant. 

While the complaints are not anonymous, ACP feels it is most proper not to disclose the name of the complainants so as to protect inasmuch as possible the privacy of their votes. 

After carefully checking the facts, we accepted 1 and rejected 2 complaints.

With these votes taken into consideration the final results of the elections of the new ACP Board are:

Aleksandar Colovic - 47 votes
Pavel Tregubov - 45 votes
Laurent Freyd - 39 votes
Maria Emelianova - 38 votes
Iván Salgado López - 37 votes
Gunnar Björnsson - 37 votes
Aleksandra Dimitrijević - 36 votes
Yuri Garrett - 35 votes
Beatriz Marinello - 31 votes
Sergey Beshukov - 23 votes
Jesus Garcia Valer - 23 votes
Gerhard Bertagnolli - 22 votes
Almog Burstein - 12 votes
Inal Sheripov - 9 votes
Saša Jevtić - 8 votes

The first 11 candidates will form part of the new ACP Board, which will take office on 15 March 2019.

We thank you for your participation,

The ACP Board