ACP Elections and General Assembly - Important Update

Dear Colleagues,
According to our Statute, Article 12, “The Association is run by a board of 11 members elected for 4 years by the General Assembly.”

Following our Statute, we would like to inform you that due to lack of interest (two applications) we are forced to cancel the elections for the new ACP Board.

The upcoming General Assembly will continue as scheduled (1-14 April) with the updated agenda:
1. President’s Report
2. Treasurer’s Report
In view of this situation, immediately after the GA, from 15-30 April, we will schedule an Extraordinary General Assembly with one voting item on the agenda - dissolution of the ACP.

The decision for the dissolution shall be taken by a simple majority of the voting members, as indicated by Article 16 of the Statute.

The members who have a right to vote are the same as for the General Assembly.
Soon we will inform you about the dedicated voting pages for both the GA and EGA.
Best regards,

ACP Board