ACP General Assembly and Elections

The General Assembly will take place from 1-14 April, when the voting for the new ACP Board will happen.

Starting today, 25 January, you are invited to submit your applications to form part of the new ACP Board to the email These should include a short CV and your vision for the future of the ACP.

An obligatory prerequisite for all candidates is to be a member (Standard or Premium) of the ACP, therefore make sure you become one before submitting your application.

The deadline for submitting your applications is 15 March, two weeks before the start of the General Assembly.

The ACP Statute states that the members (Standard and Premium) from the previous year, 2022, have the right to vote in the upcoming elections. Here is the list of eligible voters.

Jussupow Artur
Romanov Evgeny
Colovic Aleksandar
Garrett Yuri
Navara David
Kormick Korey
Garcia Valer Jesus
Escafre Stephane
Ootes Lennart
Gupta Abhijeet
Mueller Karsten
Donchenko Alexander
Erdos Viktor
Freyd Laurent
Gavrilescu David
Lupulescu Constantin
Parligras Mircea-Emilian
Prohorov Olexandr
Brunello Sabino
Doluhanova Evgeniya
Fridman Daniel
Bartel Mateusz
Baklan Vladimir
Moiseenko Alexander
Howie Andrew
Mikaelyan Arman
Eade Jim
Socko Monika
Hallaeva Bahar
Vescovi Giovanni
Paehtz Elisabeth
Tregubov Pavel V.
Zapata Alonso
Yuffa Daniil
Gaponenko Inna
Napoli Nicolo

Once the voting has been completed, the first 11 candidates who have received the most votes will form part of the new ACP Board.

We are looking forward to your interest and applications.