ACP Newsletter #3 2016

Dear Members,
Spring is with us and we already witnessed the first part of the exciting events this year – the Moscow Candidates tournament, won by the ACP Premium Member Sergey Karjakin. Congratulations!
ACP continues to work at full capacity and we would like to remind and inform you of several important topics.
Our poll for the Tournament of the Year is still ongoing and your participation is vital for our understanding what you like and prefer concerning the tournaments that take place around the world and also as a matter of appreciation towards the organizers. There are only three days left to the end of the poll, so please take a closer look and cast your vote here:
ACP is proud to announce its cooperation with Chess Supersite ( and their inaugural big online blitz event on 10 April. It marks the beginning of a Chess Supersite Blitz Grand Prix with special prizes for our ACP Premiums. The total prize fund is $30, 000 (including $5,000 exclusively for ACP Premiums). There are no entry fees and there are many surprises – take a closer look at
ACP published the results of its Grand Survey. There is a lot of interesting information there concerning all the aspects of the game, from time controls to World Championship matches, so please take a look at the general results here or if your are interested in the opinions of the ACP Members only you can consult the results here:
Your opinion does matter - just a few days ago FIDE has approved our proposal to remove Zero Tolerance rule from the Olympiads based on the results of the survey.
ACP continues to cooperate with the organizers of the major tournaments and we have a confirmation from Poikovsky, Wijk-an-Zee and Gibraltar about extending the wild card agreement for another year. The details will be published soon. The circuit of ACP Opens gets broader and we expect to add more events to the already formidable list that includes Tallinn, Tbilisi, Porto Mannu, Warsaw and Jerusalem. Finally, ACP is preparing a major cooperation agreement that is to be announced later this month. Stay tuned, stay with ACP!
Wishing you success,
The ACP Board