ACP President Emil Sutovsky on Georgiev's and Koneru's cases

I want to have it as clear as possible. ACP will not only condemn the decisions of Bulgarian and Indian Chess Federations - we will also use all legal means to help our Premium Members Kiril Georgiev and Humpy Koneru. We are in touch with both players and also with FIDE, and we expect FIDE to act in accordance with the laws and common sense. However, we will not rely only on FIDE, and I'd like to unequivocally express our readiness to challenge publicly the decisions of BCF and AICF, starting from the open letters and recommendations to professional players in regards to their participation in the tournaments conducted in these countries up to legal advice and help to the players harmed. This is my firm position as an ACP President, and I feel the ACP is strong enough to take this stand. If you support it - feel free to share and circulate this message.

Emil Sutovsky