ACP President Report 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The first six months of the new ACP Board were a period of settling in but they were also very hectic.

We managed to achieve quite a few things right from the start:
- we secured 6 prizes for our Premiums at the European Individual Championship in Skopje,
- we agreed to continue our cooperation with the Gibraltar International Chess Festival for 2020 and we will again have wild cards there,
- the ACP Cup will return in 2020 – we managed to secure funding and plan to organise it with the help of the Italian organisers who successfully organised the ACP Golden Classic in 2014,
- we agreed conditions for 8 of our Premiums for the upcoming European Women Rapid and Blitz Championship in Monaco from 28 November to 2 December,
- we established successful cooperation with the Marshall Chess Club from New York and already had two tournaments, the NY International and the US Masters that offered ACP prizes. These were partly provided by the US Chess Trust who is happy to cooperate with the ACP on a long term basis.

While these achievements are something to be proud of we intend to continue going forward. ACP is never short of constructive ideas and an important aspect we want to focus on is promotion of chess and expansion of ACP’s presence.

ACP is an organisation created to help the chess professionals. We want to be there for you when you need us. But ACP is also an organisation based on ideals. I like to think that we share these ideals that chess should be a respectable profession, that fair play should be the norm, that we should care for our “guild”.

We will continue along the path. And I hope to do it together with all of you.

Alex Colovic
ACP President