ACP Tour 2019 Final Results

Dear Members,
After revising the results of the ACP Tour 2019 we are ready to announce the winners.

The winner of the ACP Tour 2019 was Le Quang Liem. Second place went to Nikita Vitiugov and third was David Anton Guijarro. Our congratulations to the winners! You can see the full standings at

The winner of the Women Series 2019 was Aleksandra Goryachkina. Aleksandra Kosteniuk came second and Antoaneta Stefanova third. Our congratulations! The full standings can be found following this link -

We would like to thank everybody who was part of the Tour. We are already in 2020 and the new Tour is under way. Please make sure you become Premium members before the end of January if you want to have your points calculated in the 2020 ACP Tour, from where we will have wild cards, special conditions and prizes at various tournaments.

Best regards,

The ACP Board