Cooperation with Chessify

Cooperation with Chessify -, the cloud platform that offers powerful engines for rent.

The importance of high-quality analysis and the use of high-end engines is a must for all professionals and Chessify is here to provide those services to those who cannot afford to rent or buy their own servers.

Our cooperation consists of the following:
- 7-day trial which includes Master plan + 2500 coins
- 10% discount on the first purchase ACP will receive 10% cashback from every purchase, so by using the service for your own needs you will also be helping the ACP.

If you'd like to take advantage of the free trial, please send an email to with the subject "Free trial request - referred by ACP."

Here's some more information about how to use Chessify:
- All Chessify plans are available at
- Chessify engines/servers can be used on 3rd party programs (ChessBase, Fritz, Aquarium, Hiarcs) or on directly which also offers a 9 Million game database updated weekly
- To add Chessify on ChessBase, follow this link:

In case you decide to take advantage of the offer, please use the following referral link to get the discount:

We hope that you will find using Chessify to be a step forward in your preparation!