President's report 2021

Dear Colleagues,

The whole world had another difficult year battling the resilient virus. The ups and downs in that battle affected chess as there were more tournaments during the summer and less in the winter periods.

ACP’s activity was reduced in 2021. We followed through on our promise and in cooperation with ECU we secured special prizes of 1000 EUR for our Premium Members at the European Individual Championships in Reykjavik (open) and Iasi (women). I hope that we managed to help the players with these prizes.

We restarted the ACP Tour, but there haven’t been many tournaments that made the list, so we were forced to delay the restart for the next year.

With less OTB events it was not surprising that the number of Premium Members dropped significantly. This led us to seek changes in ACP’s activities and we introduced changes to our Statute, which allow the association to seek other means to influence the chess world and community.

We set out to make ACP a global discussion platform in written (on our new website) and video (on Twitch and Youtube) format. By offering a chance to different opinions to be heard we believe that we will contribute to the democratic and transparent ways of the chess world.

We have ambitious plans going forward. We will need your support if we are to achieve them and I hope you will demonstrate this support in the same way as ACP supported you all these years.

Alex Colovic

ACP President