Summary of the General Assembly of the ACP

The General Assembly of the ACP took place from November 28 to December 13 2015. All the Premium and Standard Members who were registered before November 28, 2014 had the right to vote both in the Assembly and the General Elections.

The voting was conducted via a specially designed page by the ACP and it included several question. Below you can see the results of the General Elections of the new ACP Board for the period 2016-2019.

There were 85 Premium and Standard members who participated in the votes. Here is how they voted:

I discharge the President for his management during the year 2014. Discharging the President allows to discharge the 2012-2015 Board to elect new 2016-2019 Board:
Yes: 48 
No: 19
I abstain: 18 

I approve the accounts of year ended 31.12.2014:
Yes: 68 
No: 3
I abstain: 13

This is how many votes each candidate received:

Candidate Votes
Jeroen van den Berg 63
Aleksandar Colovic 49
Maxim Dlugy 61
Yuri Garett 58
Abhijit P.Kunte 51
Bartłomiej Macieja 70
Anastasia Savina 60
Emil Sutovsky 76
Pavel Tregubov 70


The above candidates are the new Board Members and they will serve as such in the period of the next 4 years. Let’s wish them luck and may their work be fruitful and successful!

Aleksandar Colovic
ACP General Secretary