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Dec 12, 2016

Revenue and expenditure (euros)


Sponsors € 38.100 Membership fees 2014 € 12.723 ACP commissions € 179 Currency exchange € 9

Dec 12, 2016

Dear ACP members,


The ACP General Assembly 2016 will take place from December 12 to December 26, 2016.

You can take part in the ACP General Assembly via this link.

Dec 10, 2016

Dear Members,

We'd like to start our Newsletter by congratulating Magnus Carlsen for winning the World Championship Match and praising Sergey Karjakin for putting up a great fight. Kudos…

Dec 05, 2016

Dear chess friends,


ACP invites you to take part in the World Championship format poll.

Whether you are the ACP member or not, you are welcome to express your opinion. It…

Dec 05, 2016

Dear ACP Members,


You are welcome to express your opinion about the work of the ACP in 2016.


You can find the poll via this link.


Please, help…

Oct 30, 2016

ACP Newsletter January 2016
Dear Members,
The beginning of the year is a good time to update you on the latest activities of the ACP as there were a lot of them. We are…

Oct 16, 2016

Dear Members,
It was a very eventful summer on the chess scene both on and off the board.

In the ACP Opens our members did well – in Warsaw, the Miguel Najdorf Memorial…

Sep 27, 2016

Mark Dvoretsky started his career as a very strong player, but soon enough discovered his true calling.

A top-50 player in his prime he quit his playing career to become the most…

Sep 10, 2016

The Commission for World Championships and Olympiads does not approve the proposal of RCF to allow the commercial matches for the World Championship title. The RCF is invited to come up with the…

Aug 06, 2016

A tournament with one of the longest traditions in modern history, the traditional Poikovsky tournament bears the name of Anatoly Karpov since 2000. The 17th edition this year took place from 23…

Aug 04, 2016

Подписать петицию

Российская Шахматная Федерация представила на рассмотрение в Конгресс ФИДЕ официальное предложение о внесении дополнений к правилам Чемпионского Цикла: любой, кто сможет…

Aug 03, 2016

Sign the petition here.

The Russian Chess Federation submitted an official proposal to the FIDE Congress for an addition to the current World Championship Cycle rules: anyone…

Jul 22, 2016

Uncompromising Chess Battles in Jerusalem

By Yochanan Afek

The third international tournament in memory of Gideon Japhet was concluded last weekend in…

Jul 12, 2016

The ACP Open in Warsaw, the Najdorf Memorial is under way (8-16 July) and the official site is where you can also follow the games live.…

Jul 09, 2016


The ACP Open in Warsaw, the Najdorf Memorial is under way (8-16 July) and the official site is where you can also follow the…