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Mar 21, 2017


Dear Members,

The Association of Chess Professionals continues the tradition of appreciating and awarding the best chess organizers from around the…

Mar 09, 2017

Dear Members,

Spring is upon us and chess life is bustling. We would like to inform you of quite a few activities we undertook in the previous period.

We continued our tradition of…

Feb 15, 2017

Dear Members,

First of all we would like to congratulate our Premium Member GM Gawain Jones, an ACP wild card, on winning the Challengers Group in Wijk aan Zee, thus qualifying for the…

Feb 15, 2017


The ACP Board would like to inform the chess community about the unfair decision of Singapore Chess Federation (SCF), which has banned the country's top players GM Zhang Zhong…

Feb 14, 2017

Our work to unite more opens in our ACP Tour resulted in cooperation with theLlucmajor Open. This open takes place on the Mallorca island and Llucmajor is a suburb of the capital Palma. The dates…

Feb 13, 2017

ACP is proud to announce the European Women Rapid Championship in Monaco, in a cooperation with ECU.

The regulations for the European Women Rapid Championship can be found here.

Jan 19, 2017

Dear Members,
We hope you had a pleasant festive season, even though probably many of you spent the holidays playing chess! And that is good, for playing and enjoying chess is what…

Jan 06, 2017

The General Assembly of the ACP took place from 12th to 26th of December 2016. All the Premium and Standard Members who were registered had the right to vote for approval of the the financial and…

Jan 04, 2017

The prize will be awarded to the highest-placed ACP member in the Masters who didn't win any of the regular or category prizes.

The amount of the prize will match the amount of the last…

Jan 04, 2017

The wild cards for 2017 were provided to Ian Nepomniachtchi (Masters) and Gawain Jones (Challengers) based on ACP Tour standings, as well as Ilya Smirin (Challengers) based on the agreement on…

Jan 03, 2017

Dear Premium Members,

The final standings of the ACP Tour 2016 will be published on January 20th.

Before this date you are kindly requested:

- to check that all your…

Dec 12, 2016

Dear friends,


Another exciting chess year is approaching its end, and it is a good time to summarize the ACP activity in 2016.


The new ACP Board started its…

Dec 12, 2016

Revenue and expenditure (euros)


Sponsors € 38.100 Membership fees 2014 € 12.723 ACP commissions € 179 Currency exchange € 9

Dec 12, 2016

Dear ACP members,


The ACP General Assembly 2016 will take place from December 12 to December 26, 2016.

You can take part in the ACP General Assembly via this link.

Dec 10, 2016

Dear Members,

We'd like to start our Newsletter by congratulating Magnus Carlsen for winning the World Championship Match and praising Sergey Karjakin for putting up a great fight. Kudos…